Understanding the influential metrics in online marketing is essential because metrics help to determine how well your online marketing strategies are so as to counter competition. Here are some of the online metrics that you should take into consideration.

Time on site

Considering the amount of time, the average user spends on your website is very essential. By analyzing the time on the site, you can know whether you are meeting the users’ demands. By extension, the more time users spend on your site, the chances of them contacting you become higher. Do not be concerned with website page views only.

However, keep note that most people who click on a page do not necessarily read its contents. In fact, more than fifty-five percent of visitors spend less than fifteen seconds on your page. To better your chances, remain specific with the information

Importantly, set goals for improvement. Ensure the site is easy to navigate and the content is easy to read.


In sales and marketing, conversion is not a new term. It implies similarity across all verticals. Actually, it is the ratio of attempted sales to the actual sales. Highly targeted email and paid search campaign lead to a higher conversion rate. A more targeted campaign means a high conversion rate. To increase the conversion rate try to:

  • Use explainer videos
  • Segment audiences
  • use press coverage

Click through rate

It is characterized by the number of people clicking on the links you offer. Apart from leading to more information, they also facilitate sale pages. CTR is much preferable when using email marketing. In addition, it is a key metric in paid searches. CTR is essential since it shows your marketing efforts and overall progress. Use email blasts and optimized ads to increase your Click through rate.

Returns from website visitors

Note the percentage of visitors who have returned to your website. Brand loyalty and more sales are factors that contribute to a higher returning visitor rate. Remember to segment your past customers according to the email campaigns

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the rate at which visitors leave your website. A lower bounce rate always suggests that you are meeting the users’ demands. Similarly, they will want to visit your website again. Research shows that great websites have a bounce rate of less than twenty-five percent. Optimized websites range between 26-70%.

There are plenty of metrics that you can keep an eye on but at the end of the day the most important metric you need to watch is your bottom line.